Teaching Pedagogy

The Teaching Pedagogy at our Business school is based on a cognitive research. We guide our students through various processes of learning, understanding, applying, analyzing & assessing, so that they emerge with an ability to Create New & Original work. The overall focus is on inculcating Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication skills. We understand that optimal blend of theory, practical and live projects lead to experiential learning as per industry demand to create employable youth.

  • Facilitate Case based learning in the classroom.
  • Get Real Time Research question from the Industry and encourage students-A problem solving approach.


New knowledge is built on existing knowledge therefore learner-centric environment pay careful attention to the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs that learners (students) bring to the educational setting.


A knowledge-centric environment supports understanding and adaptive expertise. A strong foundational structure of basic concepts provides a strong foundation on which further learning can be built.


Assessment-centric environments provide frequent formal and informal opportunities for feedback focused on understanding to encourage and reward meaningful learning. Students receive grades on tests and essays, which are summative assessments that occur at the end of projects. What is provided is initial formative assessments that provide students with opportunities to revise and improve the quality of their thinking and understanding.

Community-Centric Experiential Learning

Community-centric environments encourages learning from one another, besides promoting continuous improvement too. In such a community, students are encouraged to be active participants. Further, they are encouraged to make and learn from their mistakes. Intellectual camaraderie fosters support, challenge, and collaboration.

Tools Used for Delivering Knowledge

  • Interactive Lectures with audio-visual modern teaching aids
  • Expert Talks and Guest Lectures
  • Industrial Visits
  • Experiential Learning through Live Projects
  • Workshops and Academic Seminar
  • Team-based learning
  • Group work using cooperative learning groups
  • Student exchange program
  • Excursion educational visits or trips
  • Problem Solving, Case Studies and Group discussion


  • Professionally qualified faculty members with a combination of Industry and Academic know how.
  • Enriched Pedagogy using smart classrooms, case studies and industrial visits.
  • The Finishing school with full time trainers who train the students on soft skills and life skills.
  • KRIC, a research incubation center which fosters the concept of Research and every student writes at least 1 paper in Scopus acclaimed journals.
  • Focus on Sports, book clubs and various cultural activities.
  • Visit to NGO’s.
  • An effective and intricate mentoring System.
  • An efficient Placement Department which assists the students get a job of their dreams.