Mission & Vision


"Our vision is to aspire to become a leading global institute for learning, innovation, research and discourse. We envision entrepreneurship as the central stratagem to best serve the nation in general and the world at large"

Krupanidhi’s vision encapsulates what the visionaries have in mind for the students – “We don’t just polish them; we endeavour to carve them and make monuments out of them.” Keeping in mind today’s competitive world, the teaching practices at Krupanidhi goes beyond classroom lectures and aims to include case studies, industrial visits, and internships.


Ø To be the preferred choice of institution amongst students and faculty members.

Ø To foster the feeling of social responsibility amongst students.

Ø To encourage research and innovation amongst faculty and students alike.

Ø To provide the best state-of-art facilities within our settings.

Ø To provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities.