Center for Entrepreneurship


Krupanidhi Centre for Entrepreneurship (KCFE)has been established with the aim to build a vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem where the students can explore Innovation , Invention and Deep Learning to proffer solutions to the society’s problems in a very original and sustainable manner thus positively impacting the lives of people. The Center incubates, and nurtures the entrepreneurial talent with deep professional and experiential guidance through faculty and industry experts .The ideas are nurtured into viable startups in specific domains by providing the necessary support and inputs as needed along the trajectory from start to growth to becoming profitable .

The students undergo myriad sessions to build a robust conceptual framework and interlinkages of Techno , commercial , managerial and legal skills that help stir up and strengthen their creative-entrepreneurial capabilities which help consolidate the form and pith of the business idea .These conceptually viable ideas are then incubated , tested and validated thus fructifying into Startups .The students are mentored to build their pitch decks and evolve milestones driven strategy document . The startups are guided and helped for incorporation and legal compliances and handholding is done during the initial stages thru domain experts ,experienced mentors and angel investors associated with the platform of KCFE .

Series of speakers consisting of Global professionals , Academicians and Successful Entrepreneurs participate in KCFE activities . 


  • To create a vibrant Ecosystem for Innovation, Invention and Entrepreneurship.
  • To help students build a robust conceptual framework and interlinkages of Techno, Commercial , Managerial and Legal aspects of organization in real life .
  • To facilitate the students, transform their nebulous ideas into viable startups by incubation, validation ,nurturance and support .
  • To connect the students with prospective investors, qualified mentors, and domain experts .
  • To collaborate with state government and central government start up financial support platforms and missions, among others .
  • To conduct lecture series, webinars , annual E summit , conferences and other activities to deepen and strengthen KCFE