Message from the Executive Director

Dr. Sam Paul

Krupanidhi Group of Institutions

Krupanidhi Group of Institutions is one of the leading educational Institution in Bangalore with diverse and multi-ethnic environment for its students from different parts of the globe. Krupanidhi caters to the holistic development of its nearly 6,500 students by encouraging research and innovation along with the mentorship towards development of individual’s entrepreneurial capabilities.

If you choose to be a part of KGI, know that your teachers will guide you to achieve not just your educational goals but life goals as well. Krupanidhi’s unique mentor-mentee relationship helps to bridge the gap between teacher and students. Since each student is unique, so are the ways to deal with their uniqueness. We believe that an educational institution can never be perfect – it can only improve. And that’s where you all come in, my dear students. You shall remain an indispensable part of our institution – you must claim your presence on this campus as you are the hope of the ‘new tomorrow.’ We encourage you to make your presence felt – learning and beyond. Remember that education does not stop within the four walls of your classrooms, it is everywhere. So, derive inspiration from whichever source you can and continue to inspire others in the process.

Our entrepreneurship education model directs budding entrepreneurs towards achieving their dreams. Entrepreneurship education is instrumental in guiding educational institutions like ours to make industry-ready entrepreneurs by encouraging students towards innovation. We wish to nurture your ambitions through our academically relevant and highly practical education experience. We hope that our alumni not only create their own identity but also help to create jobs for others as well. Through our inter-disciplinary activities and the relentless efforts from our mentors, your personal and professional transformation is inevitable.

All the best!