EDP and Food Fest

The afternoon of 1st April, 2016 at KSM bubbled up with excitement as the event, "AGLA STATION 2016- The EDP and Food festival" was inaugurated by Vice Chairperson, KSM, Mrs. Geeta Nagpal, Dean, KSM, Prof. Sharath Chandra, Prof. Mallya, and Dr. Raman Dang.

The event, which was a recreation of a railway station and a village left the audience mesmerized. That was not it! Food was served from the train's compartments, while products were sold from the village huts.

The food ranged from South Indian to North Indian delicacies. And the business enterprises included gaming, handicrafts and a lot more!

The atmosphere filled up with such a buzz had the MBA department dressed up with theme representing entire country starting from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

The day ended with the judgment of the best team, and of course, a jam session to rejoice the grand success of the event.

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